What is CSS Lounge all about?

This website is aimed at all levels of web developers, from people interested in starting a personal website to established web developers. There are basic articles discussing the use of semantic mark-up and the separation of presentation. There is information about web accessibility, helping you get started as well as fix more complex issues. And finally, gain hands experience on examples and tutorials in the workshop section.

A Hack Free Standards Future

There has been a lot of news recently about the up coming new version in Internet Explorer, IE7. Media coverage has been high, but none more than in the web standards camp. Internet Explorer, the aging current Microsoft browser, always seems to be under fire, and most of it is completely justified because of it’s poor support for standards.

An important tool for anyone learning web standards and CSS-based design is to know the limitations of different browsers, their quirks and especially the work-arounds. These are must-know areas if you want to become successful in creating semantic websites driven by CSS design. However, because of the promise of better CSS support and bug fixes in IE7, these hacks are looking a lot less professional and future proof.

Including Style Sheets

There are numerous different ways you can implement presentation style and layout to your website using CSS. This article will discuss how each can be applied in HTML, the pros and cons of the different methods and browser compatibility.

Advanced Semantics

This article looks deeper into semantic HTML markup using a lot of uncommon elements. The article also discusses the differences between abbr and acronym and documents browser problems associated with them.

If you would like to know about the basics of semantics on the web, read The Semantic Web article.

Developing With Standards

When switching from table-based markup and learning about semantic markup and using CSS for layout and presentation it can be extremely confusing and frustrating. There are some basic tips and tricks that will help when making the switch. This article will discuss a few tips and tricks which will help you get started.

Choosing Class and ID Names

Semantics should also be used when deciding on class or id names for elements. Developers usually choose unwisely when deciding on these names, as they choose a name specific to the design they are creating at the time. This article will discuss what good class/id names are with examples of both bad and better choices.